Need a Cosigner
for an Auto Loan or Lease?
Want to know how much you can comfortably afford?

Put yourself in the driver’s seat.
Lease or buy your car with a Suretys PlusOne Policy. Get pre-approved if you're looking.

Maybe you're shopping and want to know exactly how much you will be financed for, or  you’ve picked your car and see yourself happily driving away only to be told: “Great choice, but you need a cosigner to get financed.” 

Many first-time buyers need parents or close relatives to cosign their loans, The ironic thing? Most can afford the payments but don't have a credit history. And many don't know what they can pay before shopping. Buying a car is complicated and confusing, with options, fees, add-ons. Knowing what you can pay can simplify it ... a lot.

Shop and buy it yourself. On your terms.

Pre-approval by Suretys and our PlusOne policies help you shop and buy confidently---you'll negotiate like a pro. You'll know what you can pay and be financed for. You won't need to ask, plead with, or sweet-talk a parent or favorite uncle. Most important, you can do it completely on your own. Our app is easy, gives approval decisions in about 10 minutes and it's mobile-friendly so you can do it wherever, whenever.

Suretys serves first-time buyers who can afford monthly payments and shouldn't be denied an auto loan or lease based solely on a credit bureau's score. In fact, we started the company because our founder was one of those people when he went to lease a car in his early 20s. He had to get a cosigner. Now we want to solve this problem for you.

Getting a car is a big step in your life.
Let's make it easy, not awkward.