Need a Cosigner
for an Auto Lease?

Put yourself in the driver’s seat. Lease your car with a Suretys PlusOneTM Policy.

You’ve picked your car and see yourself happily driving away. But then the finance manager interrupts your daydream, looks you in the eye and says, “Great choice, but you need a cosigner.” You look back, puzzled.

“A what?”

They’re saying you need a parent or close relative to sign your lease and make your payments if you can’t make them. If you can’t get someone to cosign, then no car for you. You’ve got the cosigner conundrum.

Lease it yourself.
Drive away with a big smile.

Suretys PlusOne helps you lease the car you have your eye on. It’s for people like you who can afford monthly lease payments but are told they need a cosigner simply because their credit score isn’t established enough to lease it on their own. You're better than your credit score.

Suretys PlusOne policies replace the need for a parent or close relative to cosign for you. There’s no more awkwardness of asking for help, and now you can lease a car completely on your own.