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FAQs About Suretys PlusOne® Policies and Pre-Approvals

What is a Suretys PlusOne Policy?

PlusOne is an insurance policy that eliminates the need for parents or other cosigners, allowing you to finance a car on your own.


What is a PlusOne Pre-approval and How do I Qualify?

A preapproved PlusOne policy tells you and your auto lender the maximum amount you can comfortably pay each month for the car you want. It also replaces the need for you to get a parent or family member to cosign for you.


To qualify for a preapproved policy, go through our application process just as you would for any institution offering preapproval financing. Receive an approval decision in 10 minutes or less.

How Safe and Secure is My Data?

Suretys only analyzes data supplied through applicant’s bank accounts and approved by the applicant. Suretys treats all data with the highest levels of encryption and bank data security.


Get the car you want and can afford.

Now you can drive away on your own terms

Suretys PlusOne helps you get the car you want without a cosigner. It’s for people like you who can afford monthly payments but haven’t established enough credit to close the deal on your own.

There’s no more awkwardness of asking for help, and now you can buy a car completely on your own.


With Suretys on your side…

  • There's no fee to apply
  • You know what you'll be approved to spend
  • There's no need for a cosigner
  • You get a decision in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Applying has no impact on your credit score!


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