Suretys Savings Calculator

Suretys helps car buyers who are lacking credit history and need a cosigner get a great deal on their next car. Without Suretys or a cosigner, the buyer will need to get a high interest auto loan. Use the Suretys Savings Calculator below to model your best deal.

Suretys Pre-Approved Car Payment *


Suretys Loan

High Interest Loan

Interest Rate**


Loan Term

Registration State***


Maximum Loan Amount****

Suretys Cost with State Tax

Monthly Suretys Cost

Total Car Payment

Suretys Monthly Savings

Loan Amount + Interest

Suretys Saves You

* Suretys Pre-Approval determines the Payment Amount you can afford
** Rates vary by participating lenders and dealers
*** Suretys is available in a few states currently, national expansion soon
**** Includes sales price, taxes, backend products, registration, minus down payment