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Whether you are buying your first car, showing cars to buyers on the sales floor, or signing off on a lending opportunity, Suretys is empowering people to make deals they never thought possible. These are their stories.

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“Being a person in the States and having no credit, you’re treated like a nobody. Suretys is giving us the opportunity to build credit while saving money. It gives people like us the chance to buy a home someday and that is just awesome."

Rivera A.

Car Buyer

"For a couple of years I was trying to get ANY car. I can't tell you how many denied letters I got in the mail for financing. With Suretys, I got exactly the car I wanted. My parents were with me and they were completely shocked with how low the payments are. It's a breath of fresh air to get a chance. It's amazing to know that there is a company out there that is willing to offer me an opportunity. Suretys gives people confidence."

Amy S.

Car Buyer

"I didn't have any credit. With Suretys, I got a Honda Civic and it's awesome. I ended up paying less than I ever thought. Without Suretys, I'd never have gotten a car."

Timothy M.

Car Buyer

"I felt really bad at the other dealerships. It feels great to know there is a company like Suretys that wants to help me. My mom saw the process and she was really shocked. Most young people have really high monthly payments and with Suretys I got a rate I know I could afford. It feels like a weight was lifted off my shoulders."

Michael H.

Car Buyer

"Suretys has helped increase our sales in just ONE MONTH by 10%!"

Ross Williams, General Manager at Raceway Motors


"Suretys is easy to use by our customers and our dealership team. We are extremely happy with the Suretys first-time buyer program."

Ross Williams, General Manager at Raceway Motors


"Suretys puts the customer in a very good financial position compared to high interest solutions.Frankly, I'm shocked. I have been doing this job for over 25 years and nothing is as easy as this. I now wish I had more first-time buyer cars on the lot as we could sell them all!"

Will Nash, Sales Associate at Gound Chevrolet


"It was really easy with Suretys. A company like Suretys gives me hope for others and it allows me to build my credit."

Jared G.

Car Buyer

"Thank ya'll so much. You gave me hope because I honestly did not think it was that easy. I thought I had credit but it showed that I had no credit. The next morning, I got a text from the Ford dealership, "hey try this." I followed instructions and I was approved. I left in my new 2017 Ford Fusion $398/month AND it helps me build my credit!"

Brianna B.

Car Buyer

"I couldn't get financing. I lacked credit history. When I was contacted to try SURETYS, I actually got approved. I want to thank your company for giving me the opportunity to finance a vehicle. I think the Latino community who are in similar situations like myself, will benefit."

Alberto S.

Car Buyer

"Suretys really helped our family out and we love our new car!"

Noah H.

Car Buyer

"Suretys is awesome"!

Trevor E.

Car Buyer

"I love my new Chevy Cruze!"

Tristan L.

Car Buyer

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About Suretys

We started Suretys because our founder Josh, a millennial himself, faced the cosigning conundrum. He set his eye on a car he wanted to lease but was told, “We’d love to lease the car to you. But you need a cosigner. You’ve got enough income but lack the credit score our lender needs.” That gave him the idea for Suretys: helping people with little credit history but a solid financial history to lease cars. We want to make it easy, not awkward.

We knew that credit scores like FICO or those from the credit reporting agencies excluded good people like Josh from leasing cars on their own and forced them to get cosigners—and often a cosigner can’t be found.

Too many people end up buying less expensive, older, less reliable used cars that probably need ongoing repair. That has to change. We’ll be in our cars more and more dependent on them for our safety in the coronavirus era.

Suretys created algorithms using AI and machine learning that score loan risk without relying on conventional credit scores. It’s a completely different, fairer way to judge creditworthiness. It’s based on you, your money, and your spending. Not what some agency thinks about your use of credit.

Suretys core management team bring years of experience in IT, finance, marketing, insurance, and sales. We have held very senior roles in large, name-brand global companies, and have built or sold companies. We’re committed to making auto lease and loan finance easy for buyers, sellers, and lenders. Our goal is to help our customers get the car they want at a rate they deserve.