Who is Suretys?

Suretys provides groundbreaking PlusOne policies that are revolutionizing vehicle leasing for people with good cash flows but don’t yet have the credit history to lease or buy on their  own. Suretys policies replace the need for a parent or close relative to cosign loan and lease agreements.

What is a Suretys Plus One Policy?

PlusOne is a completely new type of insurance policy. It enables people with little credit history but good financial histories to lease or buy cars on their own. PlusOne replaces the need for a parent or close relative entirely.

What is Pre-approval by Suretys and How Will it Benefit Me?

Pre-approval by Suretys tells you the maximum you can comfortably afford to spend per month on the car or truck you have your eye on, and the amount we will insure. Equipped with that info, you can shop for vehicles in your price range and strengthen your bargaining position. You'll have a set upper limit you and your seller can use to make your best deal. Provided that the final price comes in at or below the approved maximum payment, you can buy the car without a cosigner. It takes just a few minutes to convert the pre-approval to a PlusOne policy.

Do Pre-approvals Expire?

Yes. Suretys Pre-approval are good for two weeks after they are issued. If yours expires, just re-apply by logging into your account and updating information.

Who Can Apply?

Everyone is welcome to apply for Pre-approval by Sureyts or a Suretys PlusOne policy. Suretys PlusOne policies are not for people with a history of charge offs or a recent bankruptcy.

What Information does Suretys Use to Rate My Application?

Applying for Pre-approval by Suretys or a PlusOne policy is just like applying for a credit card online.

How Do I Apply and How Long Does It Take?

To apply for Pre-approval by Suretys or a PlusOne policy you complete our online application. We text you with an approval decision in about 10 minutes.

How Safe and Secure is My Data?

Suretys treats all data with the highest levels of encryption and data security.

I Have a Cosigner. Why Should I Buy a Suretys PlusOne Policy?

Suretys PlusOne policies don't only replace a cosigner, they also eliminate the annoyance, delays, paperwork hassles, document sending, and the need to have your cosigner join you when the vehicle is delivered. PlusOne policies are great solutions for people who want to buy or lease on their own, whose family or close relatives don't want to cosign, and those situations where there are willing cosigners but  they live too far away.

Do I Need to Send any Documents in with my Application?

You may be asked to supply additional documents by one of our underwriters.

How Much Does a Suretys PlusOne Policy Cost?

Suretys PlusOne policies cost from $20-$35 per month during the coverage period.

How Do I Pay for My Policy?

Suretys one-time fee may be rolled into your monthly lease payment or paid up-front.

Can Suretys Help Me Build My Credit History?

The three major credit reporting agencies, TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax will note your monthly payment history and use that in computing your credit rating score in their systems.

What Happens If I can’t Make My Payments Anymore?

As with all loans and lease agreements, you’re responsible for the full amount outstanding. If you stop paying the lease, the lender will insist that you pay. If, you can’t work something out, they’ll repossess the vehicle, then sell it at auction and file a claim with us. Suretys pays the difference between the outstanding lease amount plus any relevant fees and the auction price.